Your tribe is out there.

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Your tribe is out there.

As a photographer, for the longest time I thought I had to fit into a certain box in order to “make it.” There was a prescribed recipe for “success” as a photographer, and I felt frustrated by the limitations. I even took a year break from photography, and at the end I looked back on my work and realized that I needed to create, but I needed to create work that I was passionate about.

I was worried that no one would like it. I was worried that there wasn’t a market for it, and while I didn’t have to make a living at photography to continue creating, I really wanted this to be my thing.

As it turns out, the more you are undeniably yourself and display your work to the world, those that love and appreciate your work will come.

I began to attract more and more of the type of client that I wanted, from self-love bloggers to witchy marketing mavens. I now get to create with smoke bombs, and build fun sets for my clients to shoot in. The images I am creating are much more satisfying, and the clients I am getting are all awesome and great to work with.

When Michelle Barrow approached me to take her portraits for her website relaunch, I didn’t realize that we would connect on so many aspects. Michelle helps makers and creative businesses succeed through ethical marketing practices. She isn’t interested in the one-size-fits-all approach and genuinely wants to help see a project succeed, not just bill you for a bunch of services and hours you don’t need.


Not only that, but she has an amazing herbalist blog called, That Grandma Life, where she talks about herbalism and how to continue the practice in the way that is ethical and good for the earth. I especially love reading all the content she releases on her Instagram! Stay tuned for a special offer at the bottom of this post.

I am always happy when a client wants to walk around the woods with me. This location was a spot that I had shot at before, but this time we visited a whole new section of the hike, which made the whole experience of shooting so magical. We spent a few hours talking, exploring, and creating.

Michelle gave me some truly valuable marketing ideas that I rushed home to implement. Being someone who has taken multiple e-courses and in-person classes on marketing, I was pleasantly surprised about the insight she gave.

Our shoot was in the late afternoon, around 4pm.  It was extremely humid, and threatening to rain all day. However, the combination of the gorgeous dusk light in the woods and our dedication resulted in some of my favorite photos. The humidity even gave us an interesting effect when it kept fogging up my lens!

My whole experience photographing Michelle reiterated to me that my tribe is out there.

The people you want to work with and spend time with, are out there.

Good people are also running businesses, supporting each other, and creating every day. So I am here to say, keep doing what you are doing, even if you think it is weird or that it isn’t normally what makes money. It’s going to happen.

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Michelle is getting ready to launch her self-paced digital marketing bootcamp for creative entrepreneurs and she’d love to help you get your work in front of the audience that wants to find you. Sign up for the course before October 30 and receive 50% off!

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