Who is Maura anyway?

Hello fellow beings!

I am an earthling interested in exploring and understanding myself and others as much as possible. I love travel and plan on doing even more of it the coming years, with a dream of mine to be a bit of a nomad for periods. I love music and art and dancing (even though I technically only learned to “slow dance” this year.)

I am vegan and do my best to cause the least amount of harm to fellow humans and animals that is possible…oh and the environment. I am studying herbalism as complementary medicine and I am obsessed with learning new things.

This blog is meant to capture these learnings and share them with you! Here you will see me talk excitedly about a new travel spot and the culture there, and you will also see me working on making my lifestyle more sustainable…and hell….trying to make a difference in my local community. If you like hearing about human potential, environmentalism, new cultures, and art you’re in the right place!

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