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Creative Weirdos: Meagan Mullins

We are the weirdos. Creatives and artists have for a long-time been associated with the strange, the weird, and the uniquely different. When I was younger, weird was used as a slur, something to make you feel badly about not being like the rest of them. I always found being weird as a badge of […]

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Art and Technology: Using the Creative Process to Heal.

A few weeks ago, I got invited to go to an artist talk of a friend from college. The description of her project immediately caught my attention, where the summary mentioned using technology combined with meditation to create art.  Amazing right? What if it was feasible to draw without the use of your hands? Cynthia […]

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2017 Roundup of Favorites

Although I try and do this periodically throughout the year, December is a good time to think back on all you have accomplished and done this year. 2017 was a super transitional year from me. I went from a place in life where I wasn’t super happy and eventually moving out on my own. I […]

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