Let’s be radically ourselves.

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Let’s be radically ourselves.

Hey Stranger~

I’ve been traveling a lot. I’ve been exploring, thinking, and brainstorming.

I have been taking photos, but not as much. Mostly, I am living in these moments…learning and excited to explore new things. 

Photography is always going to be my love, but I am giving myself permission to follow my excitement and do what feels good in this moment. I will always want to capture what I see, to give each new object, person, or landscape the attention it deserves by

putting it into frame…

to picking the correct exposure, to making sure that I am standing in the right place…or if maybe I need to sit or kneel

or even climb. 

To be completely honest with you, I think photography and sharing my creativity started becoming a bit too …stale for me, too sterile…to prescribed. I always tried to share with you the real me, but I still felt like I was planning each month’s “content” rather than authentically sharing with you what I am so excited about, sharing what I have learned and want to yell on top mountains about. I’d love to hear if you have felt the same about yourself or your own work.

I am dedicating this email, this post, this whatever this ends up being, to this new exploratory period in which I am going to share things like how freaking excited I am about having a garden, learning about plants, to learning more about my impact on this earth and what I can do to make it a positive one. This time is also going to be about my self-explorations, my triumphs as well as my set backs. 

I am allowing and embracing myself to show up fully, and even if that means that I don’t fit into a defined “niche.” Honestly, completely, myself, because we don’t have time to be anything different. The old way of doing things is exhausting, for me…and maybe even for you. I want to support people, not just large brands. 

Social media had become exhausting because I was following and paying attention to those always with their megaphone, talking about this brand they were supporting or a new thing they are selling (I have been one of them). I want to support you and your ebook, or your course, or your art, but I am also hungry for that community, those conversations, and those true inspirations. Let’s all create that together. Let’s all promise to authentically create, interact, and step away when we need. 

Let’s give each other the gift of being radically ourselves. 

I want to tell you my story, and I want to listen to yours.

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