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Baltimore Murals!

Baltimore is full of art and color! You may already be familiar with my work with Mary England, self-love¬†extraordinaire, but driving around the city and taking photos with gorgeous wall paintings is super fun. The fun part is, you can have images taken of yourself and the entire mural or we can pick details of […]

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Everything Glitters: A Retrospective.

You might know by now that I was playing with glitter and confetti these last two months. I can tell you, my apartment will never be the same…and I am glad. Shooting the Glitter Me set was a blast. I love working with materials, and when I explore something, I go full out. I started […]

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Smoke Bomb Retrospective: Some Things I learned.

I just finished up the first of my themed sets that included a colored smoke bomb and a bunch of witch themed items, from crystals to cauldrons. It was amazing. I loved seeing the inner spirit of each person I photographed. Everyone used the props differently and it was so much fun to capture what […]

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