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Creative Weirdos: Meagan Mullins

We are the weirdos. Creatives and artists have for a long-time been associated with the strange, the weird, and the uniquely different. When I was younger, weird was used as a slur, something to make you feel badly about not being like the rest of them. I always found being weird as a badge of […]

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Ode to Overcast

Overcast, you are given such a bad rep! Endless people rushing to pick the sunniest day- The brightest day. Little do they know what you can give. Little do they know that you hold the key to beautiful couple photos and beauty magazine level selfies. No squinty eyes, No blown out highlights, just a wonderful, […]

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Wild Woman

Renee and I have been meaning to get together and take photos for a long time, but I actually first met Renee when I was in college. I was in Painting and she came in and introduced herself to the whole class. I didn’t get to interact with her much then, but I remember being […]

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Everything Glitters: A Retrospective.

You might know by now that I was playing with glitter and confetti these last two months. I can tell you, my apartment will never be the same…and I am glad. Shooting the Glitter Me set was a blast. I love working with materials, and when I explore something, I go full out. I started […]

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