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Photography Tricks

50 Location ideas for your photos

The images you see on social media and in coffee table books may seem like images only professionals that are commissioned for high dollar amounts can capture. While traveling on the cheap for photography is a whole other topic, you don’t have to travel far to find great photography locations near you. Work with what […]

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Ode to Overcast

Overcast, you are given such a bad rep! Endless people rushing to pick the sunniest day- The brightest day. Little do they know what you can give. Little do they know that you hold the key to beautiful couple photos and beauty magazine level selfies. No squinty eyes, No blown out highlights, just a wonderful, […]

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What to do when you don’t have professional photography lights.

If you are just getting into photography or have been around a long time, we all know by now that photography gear isn’t cheap. I remember when I was a freshman in college, my teacher reacted to the groans about how much archival paper would cost and said: “Welcome to the most expensive major on campus!” […]

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Smoke Bomb Retrospective: Some Things I learned.

I just finished up the first of my themed sets that included a colored smoke bomb and a bunch of witch themed items, from crystals to cauldrons. It was amazing. I loved seeing the inner spirit of each person I photographed. Everyone used the props differently and it was so much fun to capture what […]

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A Simple Way To Make Your Images Look Better

Look into the light! No, really. While I am not going to recommend you stare at the sun for long time, the simple act of moving your subject’s face towards your light source will bring the light to your or your subject’s face. Your light source can be your fancy photography lights, your desk lamp, […]

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