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Composting 101

What composting is, how you can get started, and why you should care. What is composting? Composting is allowing biodegradable materials to rot and be reused in their rotten state. You will often see this in the case of food scraps used as fertilizer rather than purchasing fertilizer from the store. Composting takes items that […]


Taking this as a lesson

I have been starting a new phase of my being, starting a new way of thinking and of going about things. I am taking a new class on herbalism and botany, and also started at a moon club focused on transformation. I have been learning all the things and I can’t wait to update you […]

Art Personal

Let’s be radically ourselves.

Hey Stranger~ I’ve been traveling a lot. I’ve been exploring, thinking, and brainstorming. I have been taking photos, but not as much. Mostly, I am living in these moments…learning and excited to explore new things.  Photography is always going to be my love, but I am giving myself permission to follow my excitement and do what […]

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Creative Weirdos: Meagan Mullins

We are the weirdos. Creatives and artists have for a long-time been associated with the strange, the weird, and the uniquely different. When I was younger, weird was used as a slur, something to make you feel badly about not being like the rest of them. I always found being weird as a badge of […]

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