Solutions for a low waste and ethical bathroom.

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Solutions for a low waste and ethical bathroom.

You are likely no stranger to the fact that we are needing to make a shift in how we consume, how we treat products, and what we hold ethics we hold companies to. You are probably also totally in agreement that things are fucked up the way they are, and that something has to change. However, that change can feel overwhelming.

As I look around my home I see years of buying things. Some things I absolutely needed, some things I didn’t reallly but I love them anyway. Through our lives we learn, we figure out what works for us, and at one time I didn’t really know or think about the impact my choices were having on others, from human to animal to the planet.

As we grow in our knowledge, we want to do something but we do not know what. The vastness of what needs to be done can feel daunting and out of reach.

While there are many levels of change that need to be done, from the individual choices to those changes that need to be done in policy and your local government, the change starts with you. The more these choices are normalized, that choosing the sustainable and ethical option is easy, affordable, and no longer carries a social stigma… the bigger change it can made. Small decisions that are made on a personal level roll up to bigger changes, bigger brands get interested and eventually, local governments with enough push from us.

Without further ado, here is my attempt to help make it easy. My goal is to go through my entire house and see what I currently have that is not low-waste, that isn’t vegan or has been tested on animals, and what products did not pay their workers a living wage (or give them good working conditions). Then I am going to make a resource (Pinterest board!) where we all can find alternatives, because the thing is, we shouldn’t just throw away what we have now…we should use it up and keep using it until you can no longer repair it. However, when it needs replacing, we can choose an item from this list.

Start with one thing, and replace when needed.

Let’s start looking at the items we buy as resources with value. Even if it breaks, it is still made up of resources that have value.

Here is the Pinterest board (more pins going to be added as I find them but there are 60+ items that I found already from make up to dental hygiene and even band aids!)

What is the next room that you are the most interested in? I picked the bathroom as it might be the easiest to get started in…which is important, to just start! Did I miss something that I should add? Send me your thoughts at!

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