Beyond the Bedroom: Create a boudoir set in your own home.

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Beyond the Bedroom: Create a boudoir set in your own home.

Finding locations for photoshoots is part of the fun, but it can feel overwhelming if you have  no idea where to start. Studios can be limiting, expensive, and not always the best option for what you want.

Taking photos outdoors may not always be an option due to weather or scheduling, so it may seem pretty disheartening when you want to set up a boudoir photoshoot for yourself or someone else.

No fear. 

I believe everyone could benefit from embracing their inner sensuality. 

Here is how you can have your very own boudoir set at your home, no matter where you live.

How to create a killer boudoir set in your own home:

Creating a set in your own space is great, you can change it up however you want and make a mess if needed. You get the ability to what you want and take as much time to try different poses and every idea that pops into your head, without having to spend extra money for the added studio time.

There are just a few things to keep in mind when shooting your boudoir set at your home.

1. What type of photos do you want?

Boudoir or sensual images mean different things to different people. Boudoir was created to instill confidence, and show the inner sexiness of each person. Whatever that means to you is what is important.

That confidence can be something shown by dressing in lingerie or a latex fetish outfit, however, it is also brought out with your favorite oversized sweater and those killer combat boots. Boudoir is in the intention, and that intention is to make you shine in the very unique way that you do.

What is the image in your head when you think of sexy,  powerful, or alluring? This will help you make decisions on your location, lighting, and props to use. There is no right or wrong answer. I have seen boudoir with people in full superhero gear and men with flowers in their beard, so DO YOU!

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to identify as female to enjoy having boudoir images taken of your self. Having beautiful and empowering images of yourself is not race dependent, gender identity, sexual identity, or anything dependent, other than all subjects be consenting.

2.Pick a fun location.

Boudoir is often characterized by white sheets and bedrooms. While these are completely valid and amazing sets, there is no reason that you should feel limited to only these. You can even take photos outdoors! Outdoor boudoir is so much fun, especially if you are an outdoorsy type! You just need to make sure that you are in a secluded space or on private property (unless your town/city is fine with it!).

Here are some ideas for alternatives to the bedroom for boudoir:

  • The kitchen. This is especially great for pinup!
  • Your living room. Couches act like a sort of bed, but have more interesting shapes and lend to the whole “I came home and found you this way” vibe.
  • The dining area. Table tops, chairs, there are all sorts of props! The dining area in my house has a piano…also a great idea!
  • The basement. Wonderful for those horror pinup vibes.
  • The bathroom. Your tub is a great location and if you have a bathroom mirror or vanity, is great for using as well.
  • A home office. 
  • Your backyard or outdoors anywhere you can.

3. Consider lighting.

When considering the location of your set, consider the lighting that is there. If you have a photographer, they will more than likely use a mixture of natural and/or lighting that they bring with them. Areas near windows are always great and help create a nice balance.

4. Pick out your props.

Your sets are always more interesting with objects for you to interact with. They can be anything from a notebook and coffee cup, to a whip and cuffs. Think back to the story you are wanting to tell. Gather all your ideas (even if they seem silly, I will sometimes bring random bits of fabric to a shoot in the chance that it will work).

Here are some examples of possible props:

  • Fabrics of different kinds: lace, sheer, patterns, etc.
  • Oils or body glitter. Eco-stardust has great bio-degradable glitter.
  • Books, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers.
  • Sheets, silky or otherwise
  • Kink/fetish gear
  • Jewelry. Even check out different types of hats or headpieces like the one above.
  • And anything else in the room you are in! Grab kitchen tools, make up brushes from your vanity, or even bath tub toys!

I am excited to know if you have had boudoir images taken of you before. How was your experience? How could have it been better?

Interested in having a boudoir photoshoot done with me as your photographer? Send me an email here!

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