Art Making as Self-Care eBook

You are an artist. A creator.

Art isn’t just for people that went to school to become a painter, or your neighbor with the Art History degree. Art making isn’t just for the rich, and no, you don’t have to be mentally unstable to be a successful artist. Art can actually heal, it can help give insights into who you are, and help you grow.

You are not under any obligation to show your art to the world, but you owe it to yourself to create, to make things with your hands (or computer mouse). However, getting started can be intimidating. With a huge world of possibilities, it can be hard to pick a place to start.

I’ve created the Art Making as Self Care ebook to help you on that journey to creating. In this book, you’ll learn where to look for inspiration, how to come up with your own ideas, where to look for creative friends, and how to start creating art pieces that truly resonate with you.

“Maura’s Art for Self Care came at the perfect moment for me. In following this course, it helped me to remember my roots, where my creativity flows from, and why I not only love to, but need to, create. I took many things away from this course, but most of all, to be true to myself and to trust my path.”-Skye

Chapter list:

Over 30 pages of juicy art inspiration and full color photographs by me!

  1. Introduction: I’m an artist.
  2. Why is art so important anyway?
  3. Explore art history.
  4. Art is for everyone.
  5. What are your fears?
  6. Artful self-care activities for long days.
  7. Infuse your everyday with that creative spark.
  8. Harnessing your inner creative.
  9. Technique & the creative process.
  10. Spanning across mediums.
  11. Building a network of artful friends.
  12. Feedback is an important part of the artistic journey.
  13. Your artful self-love manifesto.

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