Photoshoot tips: From posing to wardrobe!

Model: Mary at

Are you interested in booking a photoshoot and don’t feel very confident about your abilities in front of the camera? First, take a moment to get my free photoshoot pep talk, because you are amazing and actually getting your photos taken isn’t as scary as it seems.

What you’ll get

A series of emails that talk about:

  • Posing tips
  • Wardrobe suggestions
  • Picking a location
  • Details on how to each one uniquely you.

These all come with examples and how to implement for yourself. You’ll be able to take my suggestions and run with it using your own unique personality and style, which is what portraits are all about.

“Maura did a great job of making sure I had everything I needed to have a great shoot. She offered help with my wardrobe choices and helped me coordinate with a hair stylist and makeup artist so I could be sure I looked my best. She chose a scenic location that felt right for my goals and helped me pose so we could get a range of interesting shots. I really enjoyed working with Maura!”  – Jen Christopher

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