What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?


What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?

I asked this question of my Facebook friends last week.

I got a variety of different answers, from finding their partner, to starting a project, going to a new place, to believing in a religion. At the beginning of 2019 I set the intention of creating more connection. I had always told myself the story that I was socially awkward and just “not good” at socializing. My relationship with my awkwardness was pretty bad, until one day a good friend told me that it isn’t a weakness, it was my superpower (thanks Darian!)

That idea planted a seed, a seed that grew and grew and this past January, I resolved to tell myself that I was going to change this narrative and not just wait for connection to come to me, I was going to cultivate it. Soon after the beginning of the year, I started a new job at a company that I am in love with. Weird, considering how I have always had such a weird relationship to the place where I have worked. Funny enough, they specialize in helping create better employee-manager/company relationships and helping people grow to be their best-selves.

Okay, universe, I see you. 😉

This brings me back to this question, this what has been the best decision I have ever made. It is easy for me to tick off chances I took, people I have met, and boundaries I set as some of my best decisions…and they are some of my best decisions I’ve ever made, but what I truly see as my best is the decision to embrace who I am. This meant embracing the weird, and the witchy/woo things that I ignored and stuffed down and didn’t allow to show themselves, first to people that I didn’t know if they would accept that part or me or not…and then I finally cut that part off from myself.

This embracing of this unknown, the woo, and the strange again lead me to all matters of books, people, and resources I never knew existed because I had cut myself off from them. I learned about the Law of Attraction and yes, manifestation, I pulled tarot, and I took notice of the moon. I have allowed myself to get so excited about mindset and theory again. I left that place of scarcity and that fixed mindset, and ditched it for a mindset of growth and opportunity. This mindset allowed me to dream. It allowed me to believe that I deserved the money that would allow me to do more than just pay rent and feed myself. It allowed me to believe that the job that met all my criteria existed out there, and I didn’t have to settle (and then I got it).

The best thing about it though, was the sense of peace I have with myself because I have accepted who I am. That is the true gold of this realization. This shining light has always been there, but somewhere along the way I stuffed it down to try and protect it by hiding her away. There was a time I was that weird little girl running around barefoot in the meadow, telling my Dad that I could hear the earth talking to me. There was a time I sang loudly, no matter what my voice may sound like.

It feels good to welcome her back.

I believe there is that version of your little person in you as well. If you are embracing them, thank you for allowing yourself to shine. It inspires me so much. If you aren’t there yet, no worries, just extend your hand out to them and be willing to work to get them to come out.

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