Taking this as a lesson


Taking this as a lesson

I have been starting a new phase of my being, starting a new way of thinking and of going about things. I am taking a new class on herbalism and botany, and also started at a moon club focused on transformation. I have been learning all the things and I can’t wait to update you here as they come in. 

I am currently writing this while sitting on my couch, with a very sore back. Back pain? I’m not even 30 yet (almost!) I hurt my back gardening, because I have been obsessed with it. I have been out in my garden every day, pulling weeds, planting, moving lots and lots of bags of dirt. My nails look disgusting all the time now…no matter how often I try and make them clean. I am so happy with my hands in the dirt, with seeing seedlings sprout, and putting things in the ground. However, I hurt myself because I wasn’t being present with what I was doing. 

I had literally just came from a massage, did some meditation and trance work, and then decided to go out and dig some holes. Turns out, right after trance work isn’t the best time to do that. I was mulling over some the ideas that had come up during, and was slinging bags of top soil over my shoulder and moving them. One fell as I was hoisting it up and I went to catch it and….wham, that’s how you get back problems. 

So I feel pretty silly. I know how to protect my back. I’ve been doing pretty good with alignment and practicing yoga every day, but that moment is humbling. That moment tells me that I still need practice, and I still need to. be. here. now. 

Not in my meditation thirty minutes ago. Not in an hour when I am making dinner. Here. Now. 

We know by now that being present is important, from our choices on how we spend our money and our own body’s nutrition…to how we lift sacks of dirt. 😛 It is always interesting when you think you have this mindfullness thing locked down, and then you realize in that very thought is the opposite of it. 

So feel free to chuckle at me as I hobble around as though I have never felt back pain before, because I’m lucky to only have once (I feel through the floor of an abandoned building when shooting photos!). Know that I am laughing a bit at myself too, but not at the expense, but mostly at how the universe throws things at us and tells us to listen. 

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