A Valentines Day Gift for Those Who Feel Like They Are Bad at Giving Gifts

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A Valentines Day Gift for Those Who Feel Like They Are Bad at Giving Gifts

I have always been someone who has been more into showing love through spending time with someone and acts of service. Having read about the different love languages has really deepened my understanding of myself and my relationships. It has also allowed me to better understand how to capture others and the love they have for each other. You can read more about the different love languages here. I love giving gifts, I always have, but I have never thought I was particularly good at it. I started feeling better at gift giving once I realized that the gifts I should give should be because I honestly believe they would love them (usually random items that I came across that reminded me of them) and experiences. For those people that don’t know what to get their loved one, give them an experience.

What better gift than to give a couples photoshoot to commemorate your relationship with your partner(s)? You can give them photos of yourself in a book or even a few prints if that is your thing. However, you can book a shoot with your partner(s) and spend the afternoon with them and get amazing photos.

It can be as fancy as you would like (or not!) You can be dressed in a cocktail dress or suit, or you can lounge around in a comfy sweater and undies. I have photographed couples naked smiling, and racy images of partners enjoying a hike that they love visiting.

From now until February 14th at 12 pm-Midnight, I am offering special partner photoshoot sessions. One hour of photography, ten amazing and intimate photos for only $95.

** I am an LGBT-Q, poly, and kink friendly photographer in Baltimore, MD.

Need some ideas? I have a large collection of partner and couple photography that has inspired me through the years. Check out my couple photography Pinterest board here and my one with gorgeous boudoir photography here.

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