Winter Themed Set: Glitter Me.

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Winter Themed Set: Glitter Me.

What I love about these themed photo sets is that it makes me create something new every few months and that I get to work on what is inspiring me at the moment. The last theme was witchy and came from my renewed interest in learning more about more witch things, intention, and my obsession with colored smoke bombs. It was great! I got to photograph people using all the different colored smoke bombs, figure out the best way to use them and create with new people.

So maybe the witchy thing wasn’t your thing. No problem! I am sure there will be something for everyone in the coming year, but feel free to also reach out and tell me your ideas. We can shoot one-on-one or if you want me to consider an idea for a future theme, tell me in the comments below!

Now, for the next themed set….

model: Lori Glimmer


Some of you love it. Some of you hate it. For some reason, I have because obsessed with it with the rest of the world. Glitter, confetti, and metallics are for sure a thing right now and I think they should be celebrated. What is awesome is that there is SO MUCH you can do with it.

Want something simple? Let’s do a classic glitter glam. Think of doing a classic boudoir or glam photo shoot where you have a sprinkling of glitter on your eyelids and lips. NYX glitter primer you guys…it’s a hell of a drug.

model: Lori Glimmer

In LOVE with glitter? Do you want it all over you? Do you want to dance around with your favorite colors and toss it around like a beautiful mermaid? We can make this a super glitter boudoir session (coat your butt or collarbone in glitter?) or we can have an upbeat, fun, party themed photo shoot.

This set is about celebrating you. It’s getting cold out and headed towards the end of the year. Celebrate what you have done and become this year and look forward to what you will create this year.

Now, last month I did two packages. I did one without the smoke bomb and with a little less of an experience. I want to give you the best every time you shoot with me. This means, this month, I am doing only one package, an all-inclusive glitter session…

Gratuitous Glitter!

This is the package for the adventurous and playful. You get up to three different colors and TONS of glitter to play with. We can be as adventurous as you would like and you get two hours of shoot time to explore all the possibilities! You can be covered in glitter and dance around in it. Let me know your favorite music and I can put it on while we shoot! If you need help, I can do your make up and help you pick out your wardrobe. I can come to you if you are in Baltimore (or further if discussed beforehand) or we can shoot at my location.

If you don’t want glitter in and on everything we can do a simple glitter boudoir shoot. There are so many options. You still get the same amount of photos, glitter colors, and fun experience!

Not only is this package going to look great, it is going to be a blast to shoot. You will leave with a gift bag and see at least 10 images in your inbox within 1 week!

All of this costs only $75

model: Lori Glimmer

Excited? I am! I can’t wait to see what you all pick and what we create together. Keep an eye out on my Pinterest board for inspiration on all you can do with glitter.

Not sure yet? Send me a message and I can answer any of your questions.

This set is booking from December 16th- February 3rd (excluding Christmas weekend. You can still book a shoot during that time, but the shoot date cannot be set for that time.)

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