The Starving Artist Persona is Flawed

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The Starving Artist Persona is Flawed

Somewhere along the line, when we were growing up, we were told that only tortured souls made good artists.

We were told that our art is not as great as those of artists that have fallen down the spiral of alcoholism due to their passion.

The artist that refuses to paint anything because he’ll never create anything as good as what is in his head is called a genius.

We say things like “his poor tortured soul” or “starving artist.” Their pain gives their art validity.

Art is a great healer when we use it to cathartically release our ideas and emotions into the world. It can be a great therapy, but we must look at it as a therapy and not a permanent state of being.

This art world persona of the artist that hates their work and is killed a little bit every day that they have not “made it” has completely lost the point.

We have lost sight of is the wonder of creation itself.

Create every day even if nobody sees.

Even if you feel like you can’t show it to anyone, create the work that excites you, even if it is for only a few stolen moments in between classes, jobs, or while your partner sleeps. Feed the creator in you, just to do so.

Art doesn’t have to be so serious. It has become something we think only art school graduates can do or “artistic geniuses” born with a wet paintbrush in hand. Once you realize that inspiration and artistic ability can be allowed and learned, you will open up the possibilities for yourself.

No one is like you. No one will create things like you do.

We also have this idea if something does not have monetary value it doesn’t have any worth. Honestly, I believe you could practice and practice and create a piece that would sell, but everything you created before it is no less important.

Realize that something doesn’t have to be considered “high art” to be valuable.

Follow your whims.

Just because you are an artist that paints doesn’t mean that you must only paint. Just because I am a photographer doesn’t mean that I don’t see gardening as creative and a productive use of my time. Follow your whims. Go toward what you are interested in that moment and see where it takes you. I have had projects at work lead me to ideas for photography. Realize that so much more of your world can feel and be creative.

Even if you are not recognized for something, you are still creating.

The point of art is not selling it. Being able to pay your bills with your art is fantastic and 100% valid, but if a piece fails to sell or pay the bills, it is no less valuable as a creative experience.

and lastly…

If your art is causing you nothing but pain, I’m going to ask you to stop.

Try something else. If the act of art making is killing you…stop. If you don’t look forward to putting your pencils to paper or creating your paints if you can’t stand creating these things, stop.

Do another thing.

Then, come back to your art if you feel like you can not remove yourself from it…and then realize, that creation should not cause you anguish.



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