50 Location ideas for your photos

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50 Location ideas for your photos

The images you see on social media and in coffee table books may seem like images only professionals that are commissioned for high dollar amounts can capture. While traveling on the cheap for photography is a whole other topic, you don’t have to travel far to find great photography locations near you. Work with what you got, because what you got is actually pretty awesome!

Many believe the only way to get great photographs is to own or rent your own studio. While it is nice to have a dedicated space, there is a ton you can do without adding to your monthly expenses.

So here is 50 ideas for interesting photography locations, for new and seasoned photographers!

Remember that some of these options require you to have permission to take photos there. Always ask if it is okay, it will likely give even more time to shoot there rather than having to try and be stealthy. You would be surprised who is open to having you photograph at their location, even for free. Just be friendly and say you just want to create. Some may require payment of some kind, but it is often less than you would pay for a studio or more interesting!

So…without further ado… Here is your list! 

50 location ideas for your photos

  1. Your bathtub (Try adding props like flowers, ink, or even food coloring for colored water)
  2. A local bar or pub
  3. Your living room (There are so many options. Use your different types of furniture, or get rid of it and use the empty space.)
  4. A waterfall or ravine.
  5. Your bedroom or room with an air mattress (perfect for boudoir sets)
  6. Against any wall (bonus points for added fabric or wallpaper)
  7. A shed or unfinished basement for some horror feels.
  8. An AirBnb! There are so many options in your own city!
  9. In front of murals or other types of public art. (make sure to credit the artist when you can)
  10. In your favorite restaurant or bistro (whether you shoot inside or if they have cute outdoor seating)
  11. An amusement park
  12. In a craft or hardware store
  13. A quary
  14. A hiking trail (try ones you have never been to for added adventure)
  15. On a porch or balcony
  16. Around a fire pit (fire photographs very nicely)
  17.  Your front or backyard
  18. Explore abandoned buildings or houses near you (be safe!)
  19. A boat, yacht, or ship (In Baltimore, you could even try the Pirate ship in the bay!)
  20. In a pool
  21. City streets
  22. In a river or a lake.
  23. A field of flowers (try different ones depending on the time of year!)
  24. Build your own set in a corner of your home.
  25. Rental property or house up for sale.
  26. A pumpkin patch
  27. The carnival (Bonus points for taking photos on a ride)
  28. An ice cream parlor
  29. A supermarket or your local farmer’s market
  30. In a picnic area at the park
  31. The beach (can you surf? Take photos on the waves!)
  32. Underwater! They still sell underwater cameras or you can rent a housing for your existing camera.
  33. A fruit orchard
  34. An overlook or on a cliff
  35. A hallway in your home or apartment
  36. A staircase or fire escape
  37. A yoga studio
  38. Doorways
  39. Store window displays
  40. Historic sites near you (like the Bromo Clock Towner in the image above!)
  41. A magical shop
  42. A toy shop
  43. The desert (I personally love how different the desert landscape is)
  44. You home office (or even your work office if you can get away with it!)
  45. A garden or greenhouse.
  46. A museum or science center.
  47. A water park
  48. A day spa
  49. An ice rink
  50. In front of a projector!

Do you have any I should add? Help me get to 100!

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