I specialize in creating photographs just as unique as you.

I create photographs that capture your personality, whether that is through images of you directly or the products you create. I am dedicated to always producing art that is sustainable and ethical, and celebrates the diversity of all beings.

I provide an open, accepting, and safe atmosphere to create.

My clients are bloggers, stay-at-home parents, women, men, queer, cis-gender, witches, and horror nerds. I have photographed for Beetlejuice themed weddings and for new parents.  My passion is to bring out your inner creative being in your images, whether they are for your Etsy store, engagement, or you just want to celebrate being you.


“Maura is the type of human creation, whom you encounter and feel better about yourself. When she looks at you she sees you. The power to translate that into imagery, is rare and powerful and I am honored for the opportunity whenever working with her. This magic Maura, will intuitively embrace your spirit through her photographic talents and bring to light the dream you see within you.”

– Renee after her portrait photoshoot in her favorite woods.

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Your photography experience is as important as the images.

 I get all information needed beforehand to make your photoshoot a success, so that from when you contact me to when you receive your final photographs, you are always confident what the next steps are.

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I can’t wait to create with you!

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