Love Baked Goods? Take A Look At All This Mixy Goodness.

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Love Baked Goods? Take A Look At All This Mixy Goodness.

Meet Leigh.

Leigh is the head of Mixy-Goodness, a one lady operation that pumps out the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever had. Oh and cookies, cookies too. I have always been impressed with her range with flavors, from being able to make amazing combinations of flavors I would not think about to making like whiskey and cayenne, to a bomb traditional vanilla cupcake.

Leigh offered to make me cupcakes for my birthday. Now, I have a dairy allergy, so having any type of baked goods is a treat, but I also know that making dairy free cupcakes is very different than her normal way of doing things. When she asked me what flavors I wanted, I instantly went to the cupcakes I used to have growing up- funfetti. I LOVE funfetti cupcakes, but I had thought I had kissed them goodbye since I could not have dairy.

How I was wrong. What she gave me was the best damn funfetti cupcake I have ever had, complete with lavender frosting.

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So who is Leigh? How did Mixy Goodness come to be? I asked Leigh a few questions so we all could get to know her more.

1. I love the name Mixy Goodness. Was there a reason why you chose that name?

When I was a teenager I made mix CDs as gifts for my friends and family, and Mixy Goodness was the label I used on them. I sort of lucked out that it can have a double usage.

2. What made you get into baking? Why do you bake?

My friends and I used to have baking parties as an excuse to hang out. It was mostly cookies (as well as one disastrous ice cream making party where they forgot to add sugar), and I loved it. As an adult it’s a productive and positive way to relax and focus on being creative, and feeding people, which I enjoy.

3. What are you favorite types of things to bake?

Cupcakes are my favorite, because they’re a couple bites, and you can make multiple kinds in a day. They can be colorful or classic.

4. What was the most complicated or strange thing that you have made?

I made cinnamon and chocolate babka, which is a sweet bread that originated with Eastern European and Russian Jews. I made it from scratch, and it took around seven hours, because you have to proof the dough multiple times.

Unfortunately the dog ate it before we could have any.

5. What kinds of things can someone have you bake for them? What do you offer?

Cupcakes, definitely, and please throw me any kinds of flavors you want! I love a challenge! I make cookies as well, and whole cakes. Pies are something I hope to offer down the line but I need more practice.

6. If someone wanted to have you bake something for them, how would they get in touch with you?

I’m not quite open for business yet, but coming this spring, you’ll be able to reach me on the Mixy Goodness Facebook page or at Leigh.Tyberg (at)

Leigh is located in Baltimore and is planning on coming to the local farmer’s market to sell her baked goods there. Keep a lookout on her social media to learn more. Plus, a daily dose of delicious dessert photos are always welcomed.

Check out her Facebook here or her instagram here.

Download:Tips for the Farmer's Market!

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