Art Making as Self-Care

To learn how to infuse your creativity in every day is the ultimate self-love tool.

Art can be easy for you. It can be part of your every day, even if you work full-time, have children, and a side business as well. You just need to be given the tools to understand creativity, and how to use art making as an act of self-love to recharge instead of deplete your energy?

Now you can easily learn how to infuse art into your life, develop your craft while opening yourself up to new possibilities, and creating your own supportive community.

Enter a brand new, online course that is sliced up in easily digestible sections for you to work on at your own pace!
Each section will have a way you can recharge with your own creativity, and foster the creative energy within you to continue to nourish you.

“Maura’s Art for Self Care Course came at the perfect moment for me. In following this course, it helped me to remember my roots, where my creativity flows from, and why I not only love to, but need to, create. I took many things away from this course, but most of all, to be true to myself and to trust my path.”Skye

This course includes:

  1. “What if I don’t consider myself as an artist?” Finding the creator within.
  2.  Why art is important for the individual as well as to your community.
  3. Letting go of fear.
  4. Easy, quick artful self-care activities for those long days.
  5. How to infuse your everyday with that creative spark.
  6. “How do I come up with ideas?” Harnessing your inner creative.
  7. Technique & the creative process.
  8. What type of art should I do? Spanning across mediums.
  9. Building a network of delightfully artful friends.
  10. Displaying your work & asking for feedback

Bonus: Your artful self-love letter to self.

Maura is awesome, as a photographer as well as a person. She has an eye for beauty but even better, a way to make it her own. There’s always something different about her work. She’ll always be a fave to watch and work with.” – Sarah Catrow


Who is this course for?

Any one that would like to understand the role art plays in self-love and how to use it as a tool for self-care. This course is for people interested in working more in art as well as seasoned artists.

Who is this course not for?

This course is not to learn the details on learning a specific art craft, such as photography or drawing. This course it to teach you how to access the artistic and creative force within you, use that as a tool in your self-care kit, as well as get you started on your personal creative journey.

Help, I have questions!

Send me an email if you have a question not answered here! You can email me at or click the contact link here.

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