Great to work with! Total pro with a great eye. She captured great images of our band Night Watch Paradox in the Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower. – Andy Hunt

Maura’s photography is incredibly beautiful, inspired and magical. She’s clearly always up for a challenge and goes out of her way to get fresh, new and creative photos. – Caz Galloway

Maura is the type of photographer models want to work with. She’s got her own incredible visions to bring to life but is also open to her models taking her vision and adding their own inspiration. She can shoot anything, from a wedding/special event to glamour to gritty, uncomfortable, in your face ART and I love her for it. She gives simple, easy to understand direction and always makes shooting a comfortable, fun experience. -Phoenix

Maura did a great job of making sure I had everything I needed to have a great shoot. She offered help with my wardrobe choices and helped me coordinate with a hair stylist and makeup artist so I could be sure I looked my best. She chose a scenic location that felt right for my goals and helped me pose so we could get a range of interesting shots. I really enjoyed working with Maura! – Jen Christopher

Working with Maura is easy and laid back, you’re guaranteed to get gorgeous photos too! – Mel Heflin

I wanted some photos for different social media profiles and Maura was great! She was friendly and professional and made me feel comfortable! I would use her again! – Judy Cox

Maura is fun, creative, professional and I can’t wait to work with her again! – Charlotte Boyer

I have worked with Maura several times and every single time I work with her I have an amazing experience. She is super creative, professional, and just personable! I felt so comfortable working with her and highly recommend her for your photography needs! – Lauren Gould

Maura is awesome, as a photographer as well as a person. She has an eye for beauty but even better, a way to make it her own. There’s always something different about her work. She’ll always be a fave to watch and work with. – Sarah Catrow

I adore working with Maura!! She was so easy to get along with and I have received gorgeous work back from her every time. – Sarah Chi

Maura is great to work with! She’s funny, relaxed and knows exactly how to direct your movements and poses to capture a great photo. Collaboration is easy and constructive and the results are always beautiful! – Leigh Tyburg

Maura is amazing! She has a wonderful eye for framing, and really brings out the best in you as you feel really comfortable around her. Absolutely would like to shoot with her again and again! – Casey Black


I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without Maura. It has grown because of the incredible photographs I’ve been able to share with the world with her behind the camera.

She does incredible work. She’s honest, generous, reliable, understanding, hardworking, and obviously talented with actual camera work, lighting, framing, etc.

She understands ‘awkward’ more than you can imagine, and if you don’t understand how to do something as a model, she will literally get down on the ground to show you, or move your leg until it happens.

I have hired Maura on a regular basis to create images for my business and brand, which is much more rainbow and sparkly than her natural aesthetic leans towards, which says something to her ability to be able to create not only the end images that you desire, but the environment/aesthetic in the moment of shooting that you crave/desire, even if it’s not something that comes naturally to her.

I also trust her with projects, where I can say, “Hey, here are the props I want to use and here’s how I want it to feel”, and walk away with total faith. Honestly? 99.99% of the time it comes out better than I ever could have even imagined it to be. She has an amazing eye for composition, and she’s taught me so much. And if I ever envisioned something slightly different, all I have to do is say so, and she’s more than happy to re-work and re-shoot. She’s so flexible.

She goes above and beyond for her clients, and that’s why I have hired her every month for a year and a half and counting. I look forward every month to getting that month’s images. I can’t rave enough about her, and if you get the opportunity to work with her, you better do it, because you’re getting a sweet deal.

– Mary England


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