Hey! I’m MauraI’m a quirky and super passionate Baltimore photographer obsessed with creating and teaching others that they, too, can create.

Baltimore creative photographer


Photography is like a dance between the photographer and model.

Sometimes we may feel like we have two left feet, but in the process of creating, we discover who we are. 



I graduated from Shepherd University with a degree in Art and Photography. I got those art school creds! But really, I survived art school so you don’t have to!

One of my favorite things is getting to know you. I love understanding each one of the people I work for and are inspired by my images. Each photographic session I aim to understand who you are and what you are all about. If you book a photography session I will likely ask a few questions or hop on a call to just talk. Who are you? What are your goals? What type of music do you like dancing around to?

I am available to capture you, your family, your business, or the products you make. I work with people of all different sizes, genders, walks of life, and music preferences! Want creative photography for yourself or your business, I’m your gal.

Are you someone who wants to learn how to create on their own but is not sure where to start? I am here for mentorship and even have just released my e-course on learning photography. I also update my blog and newsletter with frequent tips and ideas. Keep in touch!


Lastly, you’re a badass.

Let’s create!