Hello! I’m Maura, and I want to take photos of you. The thing is, I don’t want to just give you regular photos of yourself, I want to get to know you and capture you in a way so that every time you look at them you think “Whoa, I’m pretty awesome!”

You can be any one you want. I am a quirky goth hippie that also listens to metal. Indeed. We exist. The photographs of you should reflect who you are – where you want to be, and whatever combination of things you like to do.

I travel quite a bit and would love to work with people from everywhere. I plan on traveling the world and photographing all of you, just drop me a line. I find there is always something beautiful about every space, so don’t worry if you think your town is too boring. My home port is Baltimore, MD and there is also tons to see here.

I host classes on the basics of helping you create your own creative space. Keep a look out on my blog for all the details!

Want to work with me? Head over to my contact page or you can just send me an email at: housley.maura at gmail dot com.

Need a super fast response? Send me a message on my page on Facebook.