Hey! I’m Maura. I’m a quirky and super passionate photographer living in Baltimore, MD. I am obsessed with creating and teaching others that they, too, can create.

Photography is like a dance between the photographer and model.

Sometimes we may feel like we have two left feet, but in the process of creating, we discover who we are. 


I am available to capture you, your family, your business, or the products you make. Get in touch to discuss options, but I work with people of all different sizes, genders, walks of life, and music preferences.

A full-time self-love blogger, a tech startup, an aspiring country singer, and expecting mothers have all been clients of mine. Don’t worry about feeling nervous, I’ll probably fall over WAY more times than you ever will. Have a project or just want to have awesome photos of yourself? Let’s talk!

Learning photography and need a teacher? I am available for 1-1 sessions and workshops. Keep an eye out on my blog, as I will update with any classes, workshops, and shoot out trips I will be doing.

Lastly, you’re a badass. Let’s create!


Abbreviated list of past clients and publications:

Lip Service Clothing
Uncustomary Art
Rogue Republic Cosmetics
Rae Beth Designs
Nimues Latex Designs
Lee Loo La Designs
Bella Morte Magazine
Beau Nu Magazine
Alt Fashion Magazine
This Is About You.

** For more detail on scope of project or more examples of past clients, send me an email and we can discuss.

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