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This Is About You BookLast year, one of my really good friends asked me to be the photographer for her book. I have been published before, but have never had the chance to be the only photographer in a book. This book was also to be about loving and accepting yourself as you are. I could not think of a project that I wanted to work on more.

I, like all of us, have struggled with different aspects of self love and appreciation. There is a great need for everyone to be told that they are awesome and learn how to believe it. So, when Mary England at Uncustomary asked me to be her photographer, I jumped at the opportunity to help create something that I so fiercely believed in.

Once I agreed, we went to work with planning out shots and figuring out timelines. I was gearing up for Burning Man when Mary told me she had gotten a publisher! This is great news, but it looks like they wanted to push up the date a few weeks. We ended shooting everything in one day. I’m pretty proud of us *puffs up chest.*

Love Balloon hat by April’s Twisted Entertainment, check her out, she’s amazing.

After all of the shooting and all of the editing, I was done with my portion. However, Mary worked her butt off – working with publishers and graphic designers, promoting her book, and also keeping the other aspects of her business going. In case you didn’t notice, I think she is Wonder Woman.

Naturally, after all this hard work and after seeing how amazing the book looks (and is), Mary decided to throw a party.

This Is About You Book Release

Release partyMary had set up different stations where you could write a love letter to yourself, take Polaroids with your friends, and color a section of the Color Your Clit Zine.  She had artists come in and paint faces, play music, read tarot, give massage, and even walk on stilts and make insane balloon hats. The space was a safe space to be utterly yourself and celebrate the power of self-love with like minded people.

Poloroid photo station


The best thing was being able to meet so many people that also believe in building others up and promoting self love and acceptance. We are all weirdos and that’s fucking awesome.

If you are interested in learning more about the book or getting your own, check out Uncustomary. org or purchase one on amazon.

Stay WeirdArt by Charlotte Hager.

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