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small business photography

Having a small business can be tough. There is so much to do and all of it costs time and money. If you are selling products or services online, you need to have visuals- from your Etsy shop to your Instagram but planning and taking the images you need takes hours and even days of your time. Time that you could be focusing on growing your business.

I want to work with you and help make your business a success. I love working with companies that truly love what they are doing and want to help them grow. Out of this desire I have created, the Small Business Program!!!

How it works:

  • You get either four or eight dedicated hours a month. Select what works best for you.
  • Photography or conceptualization, or both! Know what message you want to say but don’t know how to show it visually? I can help you with both!
  • Easy start. We don’t have to have 10 different calls. We talk and figure out what works best for you, I send you the proposal, and we get started!
  • Easy delivery. All images are delivered via an online gallery where you can download your images right to your computer.


It’s EASY and it should be. 

To hire a professional to work full or even part time, can be expensive and prohibit you from attracting the right clients for your product. I love working with small businesses, because I love making a difference. I am a believer in supporting other business owners and promoting creativity!

small business photography

Mary England is a self-love blogger and street artist. She has continuously hired me every month for a year and a half! Here is what she has to say:

“I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without Maura. It has grown because of the incredible photographs I’ve been able to share with the world with her behind the camera.

I trust her with projects, where I can say, “Hey, here are the props I want to use and here’s how I want it to feel”, and walk away with total faith. Honestly? 99.99% of the time it comes out better than I ever could have even imagined it to be. 

She goes above and beyond for her clients, and that’s why I have hired her every month for a year and a half and counting. I look forward every month to getting that month’s images. I can’t rave enough about her, and if you get the opportunity to work with her, you better do it, because you’re getting a sweet deal.” 

– Mary England,

I have worked with small and large brands my entire photography career, from clothing brands such as Lip Service to Etsy shops that sell alternative feminine products. You don’t have to have a ton of money to start a business, let’s start now!

How much do you save?

I am not even going to try and calculate the hours and hours of time that you would spend conceptualizing and shooting the images you need for your website and online marketing, and then convert that into lost money.

However, in Baltimore the average hourly rate for a photographer is $250-$300 for a headshot session that lasts one hour! If you have multiple products to shoot the price gets even higher.

The Small Business Program

Work with a fun, quirky photographer in Baltimore City and grow your business. You can choose which package makes sense to you and increase if you need more hours!

4 hours a month program: $200
*Includes 1 hour of editing & prep for photoshoots.

8 hours a month program: $400
*Includes 2 hours of editing & prep for photoshoots.

The program is billed via a monthly subscription and you can cancel the upcoming monthly before the 1st.

How to qualify for the program:

To ensure that this program is being used to help grow small businesses, your company must:

  • Have a documented business.
  • Have no more than 10 employees.


I am excited to have you get back to being able to work on the things that matter to you within your business…and even having a life outside of it.

Are you ready to work more on your business and grow?

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