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Wild Woman

Renee and I have been meaning to get together and take photos for a long time, but I actually first met Renee when I was in college. I was in Painting and she came in and introduced herself to the whole class. I didn’t get to interact with her much then, but I remember being […]

Photo sets

Baltimore Murals!

Baltimore is full of art and color! You may already be familiar with my work with Mary England, self-love extraordinaire, but driving around the city and taking photos with gorgeous wall paintings is super fun. The fun part is, you can have images taken of yourself and the entire mural or we can pick details of […]

Personal Travel

Solo Travel to Ireland

I went to Ireland by myself and didn’t die! Traveling solo has been a goal of mine for some time now. It is the ultimate “I do whatever I want” and such a confidence booster. I finally got the chance when I traveled to Dublin, Ireland in early May. To be honest, I was nervous […]

Interviews Local Businesses

Art and Technology: Using the Creative Process to Heal.

A few weeks ago, I got invited to go to an artist talk of a friend from college. The description of her project immediately caught my attention, where the summary mentioned using technology combined with meditation to create art.  Amazing right? What if it was feasible to draw without the use of your hands? Cynthia […]

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Everything Glitters: A Retrospective.

You might know by now that I was playing with glitter and confetti these last two months. I can tell you, my apartment will never be the same…and I am glad. Shooting the Glitter Me set was a blast. I love working with materials, and when I explore something, I go full out. I started […]

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What to do when you don’t have professional photography lights.

If you are just getting into photography or have been around a long time, we all know by now that photography gear isn’t cheap. I remember when I was a freshman in college, my teacher reacted to the groans about how much archival paper would cost and said: “Welcome to the most expensive major on campus!” […]

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