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Fashion nymph woods editorial dream

Would you like great photos of yourself to show others or even just keep for yourself? Do you want sexy photos of yourself in combat boots or clothing you made yourself instead of the normal boudoir you see everywhere? Maybe you want to do something different and shoot nude for the first time, or maybe you haven’t been in front of the camera before at all.

I work with all different lifestyles and experience levels. I am open-minded and completely respectful of both your life choices and privacy. Have an idea? Email me at maura (at)

I am also available for fashion and editorial photography- both for established brands and small businesses just starting out. Send me an inquiry about working with you explaining who you are and what you’re all about.

Noir Dark Goth Fashion

So what is it like to work with me beginning to end? Awesome.
But really, if you’re interested in the process here it is, step by step:

  1. You’ve decided you want to work with me in whatever capacity. You’re excited and have an idea…or maybe you just want to shoot and have no concept. Either way, you  contact me telling me who you are and a general idea of what you are wanting to do.
  2. I’ll email you back as soon as I can. Life happens but I try and get back to everyone within a day because I am excited to work with you!  I’ll usually respond with a questionnaire that helps me get to know you and what you want to accomplish.
  3. We book a date and you send me back your questionnaire. I pull together any other resources I need for the shoot, whether that is additional props or a team to work with. I’ll send you a list of what to bring to your photo shoot.
  4. We shoot and have a great time!
  5. You go home not having to worry about anything. I go home and back up everything and excitedly get ready to show you the results.
  6. We meet over coffee or I can send you a link to a private web gallery for you to pick your favorites.
  7. I will then edit and format the images as needed. Depending on what was agreed upon, you will receive a link to download the images, or a CD/thumb drive with both the web-ready and printable images (these are optimized differently to make you look amazing in all mediums!) The time it takes to get your edited images back depends on the size of the project and we will discuss the time frame in advance as we plan everything.

Have additional questions? Check out my FAQ page to see if they are answered there. You can always email me with any questions, concerns, dreams, jokes, and comments at maura (at)

Check out my blog for weekly updates on my work and what I am doing.