March’s Monthly Shoot With Uncustomary.

One of my best friends has this amazing blog about self love and happiness called Uncustomary Art. Check it out at or by just clicking here. What she is doing is very important and I believe in her cause so much, it is really natural that we would work together. For those of you a part of my social media you will have noticed me shamelessly promoting the book I worked on with Mary England about self love. Here is a lovely photo of Mary holding one in front of a pile of her books with a bookend that says BOOK!

Mary England with This Is About You book.

After working together on her book we realized that we were more than just good friends, but we actually work very well together. Also, we are both so incredibly weird that it just works. Mary has now taken on as commissioning my work for her blog and other work on a monthly basis, so that means there is going to be a constant influx of positive and colorful images coming in. OH NO! But yes, I am more excited than ever being able to work with such a good friend and for a cause that I truly believe in.  You should definietly check out her blog, she has posted about a bunch of great concepts and even made this hilariously awesome sex positive coloring book. YEP, check that out here. 

On to the images. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Mary holding Popcorn


Sidewalk Chalk Rainbow



Self Love Affirmation

I love photographing all types of work and really bringing across her concepts in whatever medium she would live to express it in. I can’t wait to work more with Mary and create great things. Make sure to check out the book release party for the book on April 14th, check out the event page here. There are going to be a bunch of amazing things for your enjoyment- from photobooths to performers and artists.

Mary England being awesome.



Latex and Totoro

For those that have come to know me, you know that I’m a pretty awkward socially. I say silly things, make silly noises, and generally will trip over things. However, I now see it as much of a part of what makes me, me. My friend Laura has really helped me open up a lot and really learn to embrace my wackiness. So when Laura came to me to tell me how much she liked my photos and how she has never had her photo taken professionally, I instantly had to put together something that showed how pretty she is, but also enabling her to fully express herself, even if I was the photographer.

Laura in Latex

I rented a studio in downtown Baltimore that had all kinds of space and cool perks like music, tons of props, and an owner that didn’t care if I re-arranged absolutely everything. Can you ask for anything better? Laura wanted to do a variety of different looks, and we fit as many as we could into the little bit of time we had there. Usually I tend to start with more lighthearted shots first and then work our way up to the more “sexy” styled shots, but Laura came in and starting wrangling her gorgeous latex dress (check out KLAWTEX). A lot of people tend to be a little scared of latex, but (unless you have a latex allergy) I have literally never seen anyone who looked bad in it, and especially not Laura.

Laura in Latex

Laura in Latex

Black and White Laura

We went from there to talking about how she really wanted photos of herself being extremely herself- her goofy, fun, and hilarious self. She donned a pretty blue dress and proceeded to spin and jump around, making adorable expressions after another. There is something amazing about seeing someone open up in front of the camera and be utterly themselves. You get such great, expressive images that make their personal energy radiate from the image.

Black and White Cute Laura

Lastly, she had brought her partner Adam and wanted to take some photos with him, both in her fuzzy Totoro onesie and some in her pretty dress. I love both sets as they show how much they are into each other and honestly felt energized by photographing them together.

Girl in Totoro onsie

Laura and Adam Totoro

Laura and Adam

Laura had mentioned that she was a little nervous but ended up feeling completely comfortable when modeling. She even said a few nice things:

“I am generally uncomfortable and self-conscious when having my picture taken and had never been in a professional photo shoot involving posing, so I was fairly nervous about it. Maura gave me ideas  was able to tweak my poses down to the arch of my back, hand position and even expression. Despite my awkwardness, the pictures came out beautiful and really naturally sexy (if I do say so myself). Overall, I had a really positive experience and the pictures are some of the best that have ever been taken of me.” – Laura Schilling

Laura and Adam

What do you think? If you were to be in front of the camera, how would you like to be captured?