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Taking this as a lesson

I have been starting a new phase of my being, starting a new way of thinking and of going about things. I am taking a new class on herbalism and botany, and also started at a moon club focused on transformation. I have been learning all the things and I can’t wait to update you […]

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Let’s be radically ourselves.

Hey Stranger~ I’ve been traveling a lot. I’ve been exploring, thinking, and brainstorming. I have been taking photos, but not as much. Mostly, I am living in these moments…learning and excited to explore new things.  Photography is always going to be my love, but I am giving myself permission to follow my excitement and do what […]

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Creative Weirdos: Meagan Mullins

We are the weirdos. Creatives and artists have for a long-time been associated with the strange, the weird, and the uniquely different. When I was younger, weird was used as a slur, something to make you feel badly about not being like the rest of them. I always found being weird as a badge of […]

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