50 Random Things About Me

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50 Random Things About Me

Hello! I’m Maura. Let’s get to know each other a bit more…

  1. I have a cat name Odin and he rules over my apartment.
  2. I used to work on local horror films as part of the lighting crew. Met a lot of awesome people, and even acted (kinda terribly) a few times.
  3. I have modeled before and find that it helps with my understanding of photography and communicating with models.
  4. I was an Art major in college. My concentration was Photography.
  5. I am super into performance art and did a fair bit of fine art performances during college.
  6. I once had an argument with my mother that it was because I grew up in a military family that I didn’t get my letter to Hogwarts and it was all her fault. 😉 She laughed, of course.
  7. I am not into watching sports, but I played soccer from the time I was 5 to about 14. Sweeper!
  8. I grew up in a military family (Step Dad was in Marines and numerous other family members) and even though I had to move around so much, I find that the overall experience of seeing and living in other places and cultures was so valuable.
  9. I have family all over (also a by-product of a large, military family). I have family all over California, Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, and now Alaska.
  10. I have a dairy allergy that got worse as I’ve grown older. I am vegetarian as well, by choice. After giving up dairy, and learning about the meat industry, it was a no-brainer.
  11. I have never seen Robocop. I keep meaning to.
  12. I am extremely awkward, but a neat person once told me it is my super power.
  13. My music taste is very mixed. I mainly listen to Metal (blackkkk and some sludge, doom, thrash, and death metal), noise, and goth. However, I also enjoy things like Regina Spektor and some electronica.
  14. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14. I have been recently trying to take better care of it (I used to not be so nice to it) and it is much healthier (and still purple!)
  15. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  16. I really enjoy having fires – whether in the backyard at a friend’s or at a burn. Running around a large one is the best.
  17. I have been told I have a very strange accent since I have grown up in many different places. I have borrowed sayings from all of them.
  18. I am not a huge fan of winter since there is less sunshine and I’m usually a pretty cold person.
  19. Even though I don’t like winter, I love photographing models in the snow. It is the best lighting.
  20. I used to coat my walls of my room with magazine pages from Kerrang!, Hit Parader, and other random metal magazines. So. much. tape.
  21. I have assisted for a number of photographers before and find that experience so valuable.
  22. The first time I was asked to use a steamer to remove wrinkles from a garment, was for a dress that was worth $900. I almost cried, but was able to ask the wardrobe stylist and they were able to help.
  23. I am epically bad at hanging streamers. 
  24. I am not huge into Disney, but love watching kids movies on Netflix. Currently have been watching The Worst Witch.
  25. Other than movies, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I hear about tons of shows I would probably love, but I have such a hard time sitting down every week for a list of shows. Too much stuff to do.
  26. My bedroom does not have any screens in it and my laundry is hidden. I want it to only be a restful or sexy place.
  27. I sometimes go to burns (check out Burning Man if you don’t know what a burn is). There are local ones all around the world and they are different every time.
  28. I love cooking. Making food for people is one of my favorite things and a way I can show love.
  29. I used to have a stuffed alligator that I’d sleep with every night when I was younger.
  30. The sound of wind chimes is one of my favorites. It reminds of when I would spend summers at my grandmother’s and she would make us sandwiches and I would hear her windchimes while laying in the sun.
  31. I grew up with my grandmother having a horse with tons of attitude. I still believe horses are just big dogs.
  32. One of my biggest clients is now my best friend.
  33. Cashew milk is the best. Cashew ice cream is heavenly.
  34. I really enjoy going to goth nights are clubs in Baltimore, even if sometimes I am a little elitist with the type of music.
  35. I am not sure if know how to dance. However, being in a dark room with my combat boots on, stomping around is super fun.
  36. I am obsessed with incense and candles. I have a problem everytime I go to the witch store and I buy three more.
  37. I have a weird form of synesthesia that sometimes causes sensations of sound to cross with sensations with taste.
  38. I like dressing in a goth style- but also enjoy saturated colors and wearing a “hippie” dress every now and then.
  39. I used to breathe and eat fire.
  40. I love horror movies. I love all types – from campy to gorey. I prefer ones that are not just gore porn though. My favorite is the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  41. In my college sculpture class I cooked an apple by making a plaster casting of it (the output of the plaster/water reaction is heat).
  42. I used to wear heels religiously. Now I can’t stand to wear most things other than boots or my black flats.
  43. I look at borrowlenses.com quite regularly and fantasize about owning all the pretty things.
  44. I have visited other countries, but only as a child and not when I was into photography 🙁 There will be much more traveling soon!
  45. I was in England during the world cup when it was held there. It was amazing and insane.
  46. When I was little I made my dad take a baby bunny to the vet that I found that I was sick.
  47. I am obsessed with anything that is purple or has any type of occult imagery on it.
  48. I was the only person that had no darkroom experience in my year when I first entered college.
  49. I have become a weird coffee snob against my best efforts.
  50. I am a habitual collector of journals and have told myself I am no longer allowed to buy any more until I’ve used them all up. (Does a planner count? I just bought a planner ) 🙂

Do you have 50 random facts that you have posted? I’d love to see and read more about you.

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