31 Goth Ways To Celebrate Halloween


31 Goth Ways To Celebrate Halloween

Disclaimer: This is all in fun. I do consider myself to be goth, but not everything is exclusive to being goth or may be more witchy. Some goths don’t like horror movies and some goths like different types of music as well. Have fun and I am wanting to hear any ideas you think I may have missed!

1) Visit a graveyard. If you are in Baltimore, check out this one where Edgar Allen Poe and William Fuld (the Ouija Board inventor).

2) Go to a Halloween themed goth night

3) Incorporate Halloween themed items such as spiders and cobwebs in your daily style.

4) Carve a pumpkin but in a non-traditional way. Paint it or cover it in lace.

5) Collect acorns and paint or draw runes or occult symbols on them. Use them as home decor.

6) Read popular gothic books and authors, such as Dracula and Poe. Here is a Good Read’s list to get you started

7) Observe the full moon by doing a ritual or observance.

8) Make a gothic Halloween playlist. Here is mine!

9) Dress up like a goth musician. There are so many options – Peter Murphy, Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux.

10) Learn about the history of goth culture and how it has been inspired by Halloween and vice a versa.

11) Go outdoors and watch the night skies. If you can travel somewhere with less light pollution, do it as you will be able to see so much more.

12) Visit your local witch store or apothecary.

13) Make a gothic frappuccino.

14) Have a Halloween themed photoshoot.

15) Go see the leaves as they change color.

16) If you like gore, learn how to some simple SFX make up. I did one a number of years ago using some fake scars from a local Halloween shop and some make up.

17) Make a gothic inspired painting or other art piece with the colors of autumn in mind.

18) Learn how to make a photogram and make a spooky one. Here is a link to how to make one without a darkroom.

19) Dress up your pet. (I am planning on dressing my cat Odin up with a viking helmet cause yes).

20) Halloween is a time where we show an appreciation for the dark. Embrace this and journal on what this means to you.

21) Have a get together and decorate it using gothic items and themes – such as gothic book character dress up theme or decorate your home using old religious icons.

22) Create a Halloween gathering at your work.

23) Gothify your Renaissance Faire garb.

24) Visit a haunted site or tour near you.

25) Paint your nails and do your makeup using Halloween colors or symbols

26) Make some black ice cream to put on top of some (black?) pie.

27) Learn about the different types of goth style. Pick what you like and incorporate into your own.

28) Go to the store and find home decor! I love Halloween time at stores. I get rugs that have cobwebs on them and snake candle holders.

29) Buy black pasta and have goth spaghetti.

30) Find an abandoned building near you (that is safe! Be smart!) and take photographs.

31) Make a series of photographs that have to do with Halloween. It can be a photo a day or something black or orange, or even how many things you can find with bats on them.

Download a Full-Color printable!

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